Building Resilience With Sound Mind Training

We have created two innovative training options that are customizable to meet your individual or organizational needs. We offer the Sound Mind Workshop and the Sound Mind Program to communities and individuals.

Sound Mind Training Can Help You

Restore Energy & Focus
Increase mental and physical stamina, well-being and vitality

Cultivate Mindfulness & Stress Management
Create positive coping strategies to manage stress and support mental health through mindfulness practices

Increase Well-Being & Resilience
Learn about restorative tools and strategies to improve overall wellness

Sound Mind Workshop

The Sound Mind workshop is designed to help you to improve your mental focus and emotional well-being with sound and mindfulness. You learn tools and strategies to reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy and resilience.

Sound Mind Program

Our Sound Mind Program is a comprehensive and experiential 8-week program. This program offers overloaded individuals a restorative practice and strategy to reduce and manage stress, increase energy and focus, and improve mind-body connection using innovative sound and mindfulness tools.

This program is grounded in our Sound Living Framework that links soft skills to personal and professional development.

We use HeartMath biofeedback technology to show you in real time the results of the exercises you will be learning and to ensure you achieve our intended impact goals.

Our Sound Mind Training Can Accommodate Your Community